Silent No Longer works to involve students in combatting sex trafficking

Silent No Longer is an organization devoted to raising awareness and generating funds for victims of sex trafficking. We hope to inspire student involvement in this worthy cause through events and volunteer work.  

Use your Voice

Spread the Word

Take a Step Towards Change

We believe in each individual's right to freedom and sense of self-worth. 

Our Mission

We aspire to bring the topic of sex trafficking into discussion within the student community -- to create a forum for people to participate in the fight, to spread information, and to use social networking and student champions to our advantage. The power of students' voice is enough to bring this topic out of darkness in our everyday lives.

Our Vision

With the help of our community, sex trafficking can be recognized more prominently all around us. The more people that know about the issue, the more people that can be rescued with their help. Help us recognize the issue so we can find a solution.

We need student involvement today!