our mission Statement

Growing the movement of leaders who work to fight against worldwide sex trafficking. We hope to prove that the student community can be a part of the fight and make a change.

Silent No Longer began as one student with an interest in helping others. Growing into an organization with a full team, we hold our goals close to heart and stay determined to spread our mission to those around us. We are a unique organization that is completely run by students, from marketing to design to fundraising. We hope to spread our goals and initiatives to other schools around the country and inspire people the way we were.


We have a team of students dedicated to making Silent No Longer the best it can be.


Our students work tirelessly to spread our initiatives inside and outside our high school to generate awareness of our cause.


In order to keep our club running, our members get creative with fundraising methods. We hold school-wide bake sales, for example.


Silent No Longer is in contact with multiple organizations to involve students in their initiatives.

We need Student involvement today!