Work With Us

Every step counts. Join us in our journey to combat sex trafficking and help the victims. Here's how we can help: 

NGO Partnership Prospects                                                                  

Our Goals

Through lasting partnerships, Silent No Longer hopes to get young people more involved in social justice issues such as sex trafficking. We hope to change lives one step at a time and make our students' involvement more efficient and useful to your organization. With a large-scale partnership, we will be able to dive further into this issue and broaden our audience, as well as encourage more individuals to reach out for help if needed.

Past Experience

Our students raise awareness within our community to shed light upon the stigmatized topic of sexual slavery. We hold meetings to discuss the best methods of raising awareness, funding, and have raised over $1,400 for smaller organizations.

Volunteer Program

Our volunteers are willing to help in any way possible -- after being in contact with us, Silent No Longer will assign a group of  volunteers to raise awareness through social media, school-wide events, and word of mouth within the student body. 


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